So, I’m another teen who’ll just write whatever she wants, here. But well, nvm, I love writing and you guys are reading this bc I guess you all love reading?? I guessed it false? Happens prolly all the time!

I hope all of you don’t judge me, well I can’t force you guys that’s all upto you but it’s okay for me to say? I guess so. I’m a very exasperated child but I love my life??

Meh, I love books. I love suspense, I love lies, I love drama, I love romance, I LOVE LOVE LOVVVVVE flowersssssss.

And I love leaves too, feathers?? They’re quite pretty and soft and gentle and smooth and they remind me of my childhood when I had a collection of beautiful feathers, eh, but idk where they’re all now. Too careless of me Haina? But Yaar that was all because of the renovation we had. I lost a lot of stuff ):

And I have a super long bucket list and eh I love it so so so much I love posting pictures on Instagram I love clicking selfies I love editing pictures and I love flowersssssss (yet again)

I think, I’m done?